Me & Google Cloud on the Datascape Podcast

DatascapePodcastLogoHaving started my latest professional venture, just two months ago I joined the intellectual folks over at Pythian as a Google Cloud Solutions Architect. Being fully focused on building out and developing their Google Cloud Platform (GCP) practice, I had the opportunity to attend the Google Cloud Next ’17 conference in San Francisco, a couple of weeks ago. After attending the conference, and returning home to catch up on all the work that piled up during that week, I was invited to come on the Datascape Podcast, by its host Chris Presley to discuss my thoughts and reflections on the event.

Enough of my rambling, check out the podcast episode below, and hear my thoughts about the Google Cloud, announcements of new upcoming features, and how I believe it fairs among other public cloud services available today.

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Note: I made the error of assuming that Google I/O was no more, and that Google Cloud Next took its place. I was 100% wrong about this, probably because I was so taken with this event that I missed any marketing content promoting Google I/O… sorry Google! 😉


VMware + AWS = Hybrid Cloud Heaven

I read the news yesterday about a partnership that is being formed between VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS), in an effort to ease the deployment of hybrid cloud architectures in the enterprise space. First thought that came to mind: “Finally!!!”

I’m pretty consistent at following news in the tech market these days, and have been so for a few years. Every once in a while I come across a news headline that sparks a twinkle in my eye, mainly because I can instantly envision the value that’s being created by said piece of news. This is one of those moments, and one of those news headlines.

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The Disjunction Between Present-Day Wireless Technologies

So when are we going to start seeing a trend of connected cars that have built-in LTE radios and WiFi? Or trains? Or busses? Or even taxis?

I’ve already seen this rolled out in a few places around the world, such as specific train rides from airports to city centers, or certain tour busses in certain cities, but  I’m talking about a lot more than just that.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the convenience of having LTE deployed on the mobile phone. It’s nice to always be connected because you never know when you’re gonna get that important email, or that news notification, or even that phone call (when VoLTE-type technologies finally make it to prime time). I’m not even against this, but then again, we’ve seen it in many other tech trends, that idea of tiering different technologies.

In such a case, as this one, tiered wireless systems would be classified to identify different wireless technologies for different coverage scales. Most people don’t know this, Bluetooth is classified as a Personal Area Network (PAN) technology, i.e. it is meant to provide sufficient coverage for your personal space—does this ring a bell with the current IoT craze?

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Purpose-Built Clouds

I just came across a news article titled “GE preps industrial-strength cloud of its own“. At first glance, I figured here we go again, yet another company building its own cloud and boasting that it is the best solution for you the consumer. But then as the page loaded and I read the tag-line/summary, I actually got a little more intrigued.

“Today’s clouds aren’t optimized for heavy-duty industrial applications, says GE. Which is why it’s building a cloud of its own.”

Now this got me thinking… this isn’t your usual press release of yet another company going about how we are building our own cloud for our products; well actually it is, but it has a twist to it. GE are actually claiming that they will be building this cloud for the purpose of serving (specifically) industrial applications/systems.

So on Tuesday, GE is formally announcing Predix Cloud which it is building specifically to handle the types of data generated by jet engines, MRI scanners, power generation equipment, and other heavy-duty gear…

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Power-Friendly Athens Airport

This is the fourth or fifth time I pass through Athens airport this year, every time seeing and thinking the same thing. I love seeing the Samsung charging stations that they have set up throughout the airport.



No matter what phone you have there’s a very high probability that they have the charging adapter for it (see close up below).


What amazes me is not that these stations exist, it’s the fact that they are abundant, free, and extremely convenient. This definitely accounts for a thumbs up to Athens International Airport on the account of tech customer service.