Take It or Leave It!

A client approached me recently wanting to move their entire infrastructure to the cloud. Besides the need to follow the hype of the cloud, I also understand such requests from clients in this country, especially considering the costs associated with maintaining a decent server room. Considering the lack of reliable electricity, the CapEx and OpEx to be spent on power systems to compensate for that, as well as the cooling requirements for even the smallest server room, is quite a handful. This poses a threat for almost any small business nowadays (which is what the majority of businesses around here are by international standards), especially in a country where most of the local software houses are still coding in a “legacy” manner (to put it nicely). So we have a market producing legacy client/server applications that require locally hosted servers, and a national infrastructure that justifies cloud migration more than any I’ve seen to-date.

I dove into my research to try and find a solution to this issue and resolve my client’s pains. Now, I’m the first to say that migrating an application to the cloud isn’t a simple 1-2-3 process, which is why my very instinct was to tell him “Ditch this software and find something that’s web-based.” Unfortunately that’s not a viable solution (as expected) since the 

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A Network Implementation Gone South

We were at the outset of entering the market, providing IT consulting and system integration services, when we were approached by this start-up incubator, claiming that they were having issues with internet connectivity at their premises, and that they had future plans which they wanted to be ready for when the time comes.

This start-up incubator hosts a wide array of workshops and events in support of the local entrepreneurship efforts. Upon first being exposed to the institution’s network topology, how they got there, and where they planned to go, we definitely had our work cut out for us. The client, at the time, had a number of internet connections, from a number of sources, each of varying throughputs, latency, and overall performance (sounds promising already, right???).

Unfortunately though, and as is the case with most clients today (and probably always) funds were limited, so we had to make do with as little expenditure as possible. So we began to scavenge the premise for whatever hardware we could get our hands on. We finally came out with a single half-decent PC, and a wired network infrastructure that seemed sufficient for the time-being.

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4G on iPhones in Lebanon

It seems that alfa have finally enabled the 4G service for iPhones starting with the iOS 7.1 software update that was released last night.


I just plugged my iPhone 5 into my computer a bit ago, and got a notification that there are new carrier settings to be downloaded. So I agreed to the download and lo-and-behold the “Enable 4G” switch appeared under the “Cellular” settings page.

Now it’s time to see what the big buzz is all about.

Always the Best (at Being the Worst of Course)

Just over a year ago, it came to the nation’s attention that we were rated as the country with the absolute worst internet speeds worldwide (Link). However, we also came to see some significant increases and developments in the telecom sector that bumped us up that chart (supposedly). But today, in the year 2012 we came to learn that we already previously managed to break yet another record all the way back in 2006, making us the international champions once again. Therefore, I would like to declare us as the number one, the ultimate, the undefeated worldwide champions of electrical outages… behold!

It looks like we might as well be commuting on camel-back, I mean our stats don’t put us that far ahead such a form of vehicular technology.

Source: NationMaster.com

Samsung Gives Android a Voice

Samsung’s S Voice Interface


With Samsung’s release of their latest smartphone, some claiming it to be the iPhone killer, the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with a voice feature that is meant to stand up in the face of Apple’s voice activated personal assistant Siri. Despite the compelling similarity between the interfaces of these voice services, check out T3‘s little test to show how well Samsung’s S Voice matches up to Apple’s Siri.