VMware + AWS = Hybrid Cloud Heaven

I read the news yesterday about a partnership that is being formed between VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS), in an effort to ease the deployment of hybrid cloud architectures in the enterprise space. First thought that came to mind: “Finally!!!”

I’m pretty consistent at following news in the tech market these days, and have been so for a few years. Every once in a while I come across a news headline that sparks a twinkle in my eye, mainly because I can instantly envision the value that’s being created by said piece of news. This is one of those moments, and one of those news headlines.

There was a blog entry posted on the AWS blog a few days ago, written by Jeff Barr (Chief Evangelist for AWS), titled “In the Works – VMware Cloud on AWS“, stating that in an effort to pave a path for enterprises to incorporate more of a hybrid cloud deployment in their IT space VMware has partnered up with AWS to create the VMware Cloud on AWS (here and here). In short this is to say that as an augmentation of your on-premise VMware SDDC infrastructure you would be able to leverage an AWS infrastructure as well, through a single pane of glass, and a pane of glass that you are already familiar with… VMware’s very own vCenter!

The two IT infrastructure giants have had some integrations in the past, but nothing as profound and celebration-worthy as this. Namely, the current (pre-VMware Cloud on AWS) integration was called “AWS Management Portal for vCenter“, which allowed administrators to easily migrate virtual machines from their VMware infrastructure to the AWS cloud. The upcoming integration allows for a lot more than just that.

VMware Cloud on AWS allows for a more convoluted integration between these two tech giants’ services. Customers will be able to deploy native VMware environments, and in tandem leverage a plethora of AWS services, in their environments. Not to mention that this all works seamlessly with VMware-native technologies such vSphere vMotion, NSX, VSAN, etc..


In my opinion, now we can honestly call this an elastically scalable infrastructure with true on-demand resources. And just to add the cherry on top, this service features full VM compatibility and seamless workload portability between a VMware on-premise infrastructure and the AWS cloud infrastructure. What this all really comes down to is AWS and VMware diving deep and integrating the nitty gritty details between their infrastructures to provide customers with this newly founded true hybrid cloud service offering.

What I like most about this news is to see a company such as VMware being humble and recognizing that their cornerstone strength in the market is their on-premise virtualization offering and not their cloud offering (did anyone ever use vCloud Air???). And as such they tried to play it smart and instead of going to arms against the gargantuan AWS cloud (unlike some other companies *cough* Microsoft *cough*), they leveraged it and created an even stronger offering for their consumers. From a business strategy perspective, VMware really managed to put their mark on the map with this move, and set a great example of what can come out of such great strategic alliances in the technology sector today and tomorrow (you hear that Apple and Google???).

I can’t wait to learn more about the details of how all these proclaimed integrations will be implemented, and be carried out in practice on a day-to-day basis (more work for me ;-)). If you want to learn more and keep up-to-date with news regarding this service, sign up here, under the “Keep Me Informed” section.

And for the final spin, are we going to see VMware creating such integrations with other cloud service providers (e.g. Google, Azure, OpenStack) soon, to leverage a true hybrid cloud service offering for their end-users?


What do you think?

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