A Choice of Voice

Just came across this while going over some notifications on one of the pages that I administer on Facebook. If you navigate over to a page that you administer, assuming that you have it set to post as yourself and not as the page, you will see a new tab option appear labeled “Voice” in the top right corner of the window, between your name and the “Home” tab. Also a drop bar will come up, alerting you that you are interacting with the page as yourself, with your own “voice” versus that of the page itself.

Now you’re reminded in case you forgot that you are posting as yourself and not the page.

It seems like Facebook has recently been working hard on providing page administrators with some new tools to improve their productivity and workflow when using their pages. Examples of these enhancements include the new page insights, the Facebook Pages Manager iOS app, and now this mysterious “Voice” feature… I wonder where they’re going next.


3 thoughts on “A Choice of Voice

  1. the voice tab is stupid. you can see who you are using the page as, when you switch to using the page name, get rid of the voice tab.


    1. LoL, yeah, definitely a Dexter’s Lab scenario. 😛

      For now, the button only gives you this one option, to control how you are interacting with your page; we have to wait and see what’s coming next.


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