iPhone Concepts… will they ever come to be?

Around this time of the year, every year for the past few years the internet gets flooded with news about the upcoming iPhone, iOS and/or iPad. You would almost always be hearing questions such as:

What are the new features?

What’s it going to look like?

Are they going to add [insert new radical feature] this time?

Following these questions, a next wave of posts begin to emerge on many of the big players in the blogosphere (e.g. Mashable, Engadget, The Verge, TechCrunch and others) such as “What we want”, “What we expect”, “What Apple should do” and other such types of posts. My favorite stage however is once you start seeing all those concept designs rolling in, one after the other; really goes to show you the extent of creativity that’s available out there. From another point of view this should be a major signal from Apple to consider what people are actually expecting from them; granted Apple have always been true to their word, innovating (not as much recently), and never really been the ones to cave in to the market’s whims, I still believe that there are some potential winners out there though.

This YouTube video shows off a concept design that I’m a fan of and have always found to be rather sexy. I just love how this same concept keeps getting updated every year to match newer and newer features with every upcoming version of iOS; I guess deep down inside I really want it to become a reality.


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