#Twitter was Never About Tweeting… Apparently!

If you happen to be a Twitter user, or rather a “tweep”, then it’s very likely that you may have, at some point, come across posts giving advice about how to increase your number of followers… advice such as:

  • “Follow everyone who follows you.”
  • “Follow people who autofollow.”
  • “Make a good avatar.”
  • “Write up a good bio.”
  • “Tweet well and tweet often.”
  • “Post interesting links.”
  • etc.

This would all seem pretty logical, and then masses of Twitter users would (and actually do) follow such advice, day in and day out, tweeting at the oddest hours, racing to have the most creative tweet. But then comes a Twitter phenomenon such as Larry Ellison (@larryellison), the CEO of Oracle, who decides to go against all the norms and rules, by doing his own thing… and here it is:

A phenomenal tweep, @larryellison

I first found out about Larry from this post, “Shhhh, Larry Ellison’s about to tweet!” by GigaOM, which was posted just 20 hours ago. At that time, he had 0 tweets, 0 following and just 8,066 followers. Now, 20 hours later, he’s bordering on 24,000 followers, with ONLY ONE tweet!

So I guess the question is, do you really need to tweet in order to get followers?


What do you think?

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