WordPress Does it Again!

If you’re a regular WordPress.com user you’ll probably agree with me that it is quite a powerful CMS they’re providing to the public, and all for free… in my book, that’s pretty generous. I have to admit though sometimes it feels like your blog’s a jack-in-a-box; you visit your blog to see if there’s any new info or just to see how things are going and all of a sudden you find that some features were changed and sort of altered how your blog is set up.

Just yesterday I was visiting my blog, when I realized that all the sharing buttons that I have on each post were changed from their original functionality to a new “WordPress-y” functionality, just like one of the following layouts (depending on your original settings):

The new layout for the social media sharing buttons.

So in case you’re like me and prefer the original/official sharing buttons for these social media networks, you can revert to the original sharing buttons by going to the “Sharing” section, under the “Settings” tab in your sidebar.

Click on "Sharing"

Then select for “Button Style” the “Official buttons”  from the drop-down menu.

Select "Official buttons" from the drop-down menu.

Save your changes and you’re done; now you’ll be back to the original sharing buttons.


What do you think?

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