Envisioning Technology

Being that technology has its obvious “fashion trend” in visualization and sharp-edged graphics, it’s interesting to see some tech-savvy creative minds out there representing technology – or technology history – in an interesting manner.

Having said that, I’ve always been a fan of creative and well-thought-out illustrations of the tech world (infographics). I recently came across this illustration the other day, by Michell Zappa; funny thing’s that his name originally grasped my attention due to the relation with the musician Frank Zappa. 😛

Map "envisioning the near future of technology", by Michell Zappa

What Michell did was literally grab all the keywords and trends of the technology industry available today and managed to arrange them in an interesting and insightful way in relation to their estimated time to surface in the near future.

Another interesting portrayal I came across was developed by David with his “Artistic Look At the Future Of The iPhone 5” over at Infographic Labs, shown below.

"An Artistic Look at the Future of the iPhone 5", by Infographic Labs

Share your experiences; what interesting tech illustrations/infographics have you come across over the years that just caught your eye and got you thinking, “wow, that’s pretty cool” ?


4 thoughts on “Envisioning Technology

    1. Being a drummer and a die-hard musician my whole life, as well as a “technologist”, I guess that makes me a fan of the Zappa family’s many wondrous talents. Great stuff Michell, I hope to keep getting more creative works from your end. 🙂


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