Name a Geek, Get an iPad

My friends over at GIGAlb are running the “Name the GIGA Geek” competition, after coming up with the new GIGAlb cartoon persona (I called him “Akho GIGA” :-P).

The new GIGAlb persona... funny little guy! 😛

The prize that goes to whoever comes up with the best suited name for our little geek here, is a brand new iPad 2 from the guys over at GIGAlb.

The rules  to enter the competition are as follows:

1- Give a name to our new mascot. The name should of course be closely related to the main purpose of GIGAlb. However, no limits to creativity!

2- Post your answer both in the “Comments” section of this post down below, with (if possible) a short explanation of your choice, and our Facebook page in a NEW post on our wall, after “liking” it, of course.

3- If you’re on Twitter, post this: ” I am naming the GIGA Geek! Do the same for a chance to win an iPad 2!

That doesn’t seem so hard now, does it? So come on, put your creative hats on and start naming, besides there’s a brand new iPad 2 waiting for you in case you pick the winning name. 😉

Good luck all!


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