The Mobile Messengers War

The Messengers War

Been hearing about all sorts of mobile messenger apps coming out nowadays, some for the iPhone, some for Android, Nokia, BlackBerry… each one boasting interoperability. While it’s true that they all seem to work pretty fine, they all fall off on the basis of the fact that like most proprietary technologies, its success is measured solely by the number of users it has.

While BB Messenger is widely successful in the BB world (it is part of the BB service, duh!), they recently stated that they are currently developing an iPhone and Android version of the BBM app (here). The interesting question is if this will cause BB users to refrain from purchasing other messenger apps, like the immensely successful WhatsApp to communicate with their acquaintances, eventually forcing iPhone and Android users to switch over to the BB world?

Also Viber, the Skype-challenging VoIP app for iPhone (coming soon to Android), just released Viber 2.0 featuring free VoIP calls as well as free messaging, giving the user a full mobile communication suite in one app (here); sort of like Skype fused with WhatsApp.

And of course everyone from here to Mars and Venus has heard of WhatsApp, the blue-ocean mobile app of the “iWorld”; also the first app to provide a free messaging medium between iPhones and BlackBerry’s, later on adding Nokia and Android to the list. I believe they are currently the most widely available app for smart phone messaging.

The questions now: what is the fate of the Mobile Messengers War? Who’s going to come out on top? Are the big players going to take over, totally eradicating the smaller players? What’s it going to take for one app to sway users over to its side from all the other apps?

Competition at its best. 😉


3 thoughts on “The Mobile Messengers War

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  2. Thanks, didn’t know of Viber. They seem to be working on iPad/iPod compatibility, which is definitely a plus compared to Whatsapp. Still trying to get an access code though: they seem to have overloaded servers.


    1. Yeah, they really do seem to be taking off, especially that they are now providing both a voice and texting service; that’s already one step ahead of all the competition. Then adding iPad/iPod compatibility would make a very strong suite for them, cause then they can really boast about providing an always-connected/always-accessible experience for their clients… I’m wondering though, after WhatsApp’s huge success in the market, how popular is Viber’s texting service actually going to get?


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