The Best at Being the Worst

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The saying goes that an optimist sees the glass half full, while the pessimist sees it half empty…

I’m going to try and play the role of the optimist here and say, we’re not ranked as last place for having the absolute worst, sluggish, snail-like, tortoise-following, real-world rating for internet speeds. I’m not gonna go on about how painful it is to watch a 50 second video clip on YouTube (if it actually fully loads), or how disturbing it is to try and have a decent conversation on Skype (forget video calls), I won’t bother with the countless hours of keeping the computer on overnight just to download some music, or if I would even dare to attempt to download a movie.

Imagine what it’s like every time I want to update the software on my iPhone, or even run a system update on my Mac… oh dear, that’s a whole night gone; now I’m gonna have to delay my whole downloading schedule by a day.

So I’m not gonna do any of that, I’m just gonna come out and say congratulations, we made it as number 1. We finally placed first in something; Lebanon is officially the worst internet service providing country… say it loud and say it damn proud, we are the best at being the worst.

If that doesn’t instill a certain sense of pride in you, then I don’t know whatever will.

(I honestly wish I did live in a tent and go to work on camel-back, at least that would make more sense)


18 thoughts on “The Best at Being the Worst

  1. Hiya!
    I just noticed your website: The Best at Being the Worst | TechNode Digest when I
    was searching It looks as though someone loved your blog so
    much they decided to bookmark it – good job!


    1. LooLLLL, Lord Internet, good one… 🙂

      I honestly wish that I could, but unfortunately the world’s getting more and more expensive and things just keep getting harder and harder, and nowadays the internet happens to be one of those things that helps you in generating money, by connecting you to tools that can make you a more productive person. So all I’m saying is that a faster internet connection would make me more productive and hopefully even help our economy. 🙂


  2. Oh please don’t start with the sweet speeches! It won’t hurt if you waited overnight for your precious downloads. If you can’t be patient for the sake of your country, that’s another problem. Plus you really don’t need to develop any app; there’s enough on itunes. So why don’t you use that wasted time to serve your country in some way?


    1. I believe that I am serving my country by being the law-abiding, hard-working citizen I am, but according to you, apparently I can do more, so what do you propose?


  3. I think Johnny’s got to leave our beloved country for good if MR doesn’t like the speed. If you’re so eager to watch porn online all you have to do is buy yourself some dvds. I hate people who just criticize their country because they’ve got nothing else to do. Just leave man! The connection speed is good enough for us.


    1. Wow, powerful stuff.

      I respect your view of being satisfied with the current internet performance in Lebanon, I was by no means attempting to aggravate you in posting the above.

      I would however like to draw your limited attention to the fact that there is a lot more to the internet than porn. But just for further info, as an example, I am currently working on developing iPhone applications, and having to wait overnight every time I want to download and run the latest version of Xcode (the IDE for iOS development) is a nuisance. Also I would like to be able to download some tutorials to proceed with this task, some of which are video tutorials (which also come pretty large in size – crazy talk right?). I truly believe that the internet connection this is hindering my progress at attempting to better my skills as a professional developer; that’s just one simple example, of so many others.

      I really don’t understand why you had to be so aggressive in your comment though, and would like to politely ask you to refrain from such immature and invalid accusations.

      Thank you for your comment.


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