Qatar Hits the Double Digits

A friend of mine, who currently lives in Qatar just got an upgrade to his home’s internet connection. His connection is being provided by Qtel, which if I am not mistaken is the only ISP in Qatar. Anyways, he was kind enough to provide me with a couple of speed tests that he carried out and as you can see from the images below, the numbers are pretty impressive.

Just for the record, just a few weeks ago he was running a 512kbps ADSL connection… Now he’s running a FTTH 20Mbps PON connection to the internet; quite the upgrade wouldn’t you say?

Speed Test #1
Speed Test #2

This is a great leap forward, for the ICT infrastructure of a nation from the MENA region to undergo; it goes to show that they are beginning to come to terms with the fact that high bandwidth internet speeds nowadays are no longer a commodity, instead they have become a necessity.

Fortunately, I will be attending a focus group tomorrow, where we will be discussing the policies regarding the web & mobile content industry in Lebanon. Will post back soon with the anticipated outlook on the future of Lebanon’s ICT sector, whether it may begin to follow in the footsteps of Qatar, by adopting a proactive approach to the future of the nation’s ICT infrastructure and development plans, or whether it will remain as is, perishing with its snail-speed “broadband” services.


5 thoughts on “Qatar Hits the Double Digits

    1. Hey abdulrehman690, as far as I have heard, vodafone are expected to be rolling out landlines by the end of this year and possibly full rollout by end of next year.

      As far as FTTH is concerned, Qtel has already started rolling out the FTTH service; this post was based on the speedtest results of a friend of mine that lives in Doha, and has a FTTH connection provided by Qtel.

      I’m not sure how far Qtel has spread with their FTTH roll out, and don’t have any idea how fast they are planning on implementing it, but they have already started and as far as I know, they’re installing as we speak.


  1. Vodafone Qatar is an existing ISP and is already providing broadband Internet and is to begin fixed land line services at end of 2011 and FTTH later too.


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