Cloud: ON!

HP Instant-On Enterprise Solutions - Command the Cloud
Picture courtesy of Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. © 2010

Hewlett-Packard offers new Instant-On Cloud Technology; they termed their product “Instant-On Enterprise Business Solutions“. As the name suggests, they are claiming their cloud computing solutions will provide instant availability capable of providing real-time service as well as real-time volatility for the enterprise. Though this seems like a bold claim, on HP’s behalf, this is actually what Cloud Computing ultimately offers as a technology trend; the ability to adapt and grow through expansion and development rather than through replacement and reinstallation, this is the Cloud philosophy.

Their marketing approach is what I found most interesting though, it plays on the notion that people always want to see instant results, which in my humble opinion is a very true fact. We are in the “Now!” age so-to-speak, where everyone wants everything now, before later. This then feeds into the idea that cloud computing can offer the enterprise unbeatable flexibility and “elasticity” by making sure that “[you] just use the resource [you] need, and [you] pay only for the resource [you] use”. Got that from a great article on the future of IT by Harwell Thrasher, “Future IT = Cloud + Mobile + Enterprise App Store”.

All in all, HP’s Instant-On Enterprise solutions for businesses and governments are a good and well-timed move on HP’s behalf, and it appears to provide customers with a full featured package of cloud computing features.

To read more about HP’s “Instant-On Enterprise” technology solutions, check out this whitepaper here.


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