When Your Computer Decides to Chill with You in Your Living Room

Picture courtesy of Google.

While the topic has been a common topic of discussion in the open source community for the past decade or so, the market is finally maturing to serve your soft digital media in your living room. I remember the day when Microsoft first came up with this, with their Media Center Extender feature, which meant you had to keep your Windows Media Center PC running in the other room; meanwhile Linux junkies were setting up MythTV and Popcorn Hour boxes all over their houses to have live TV and DIY PVR’s all over.

As time progressed, the world began to catch up, we saw a rise in the distribution of soft media, thanks to companies such as Napster, Limewire and eventually torrent networks exploding with millions of worldwide subscribers/seeders.

Today (well actually a little while back now, but since this is my first blog! :-P), we have an industry titan such as Google, coming out with a commercial product such as Google TV, D-Link coming out with their Boxee box and Apple still hanging on to their feature-limited Apple TV.

Well, it begins now… FINALLY!!!

Start moving towards this new trend, with everything getting mobile and the need for a desktop computer in the household no longer having that much importance, we are beginning a new technology wave where the average household will contain tens of smart IP-networked devices all talking to one another to make your overall home experience that much more simplified.


3 thoughts on “When Your Computer Decides to Chill with You in Your Living Room

  1. Can’t wait for Lebanon to catch up! In Treatment (my current favorite show) on demand! Woohoo! Though I must say my box of choice would probably be none of the above. I’m a Roku Man.



    1. That’s right, can’t forget Roku… after all the options are many, but when you get down to the details, you always come to realize that not a single one of them decided to implement that right combination of features in their product(s) that literally hits the spot… let’s see how far Google gets with this one.



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